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LINE-UP 2023

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Vrijdag 13 oktober

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Eliana Cargnelutti [I]

Copperhead County

Barn & Belle

Sugar Mama

Little Hat

Lazy Grey

Parchman Farm

La Ratte

Big Bo

Hillbilly Hayride

Roy P-Cat & the V8 Daddies

The Tarn House Renegades

Reemers & de Greef

Hip Shake


Zaterdag 14 oktober

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Micke Bjorklof & Blue Strip (FI)

Sean Mack McDonald (USA)

Black Cat Biscuit (B)

G-Roots (Gospel)

Shaggy Dogs (FR)

Magic Frankie 

and the blues disease

Emily Hill & Band


Veldman Vintage Project

Ragtime Rumours 


La Ratte

Big Bo

Slap ‘N quiff & the uncle’s (B)

Duketown Slim  & Freddy

Langerak & De Roeck


Hip Shake

Kanarie Gele Daf

Zondag 15 oktober

Texelblues23-icoon 34e editie.png

Big Daddy Wilson (USA)

Dan Patlansky (ZA)

Micke & Lefty (duo FI)

Wouter Kiers Band

Luca and Uncle Rudi

"Special Act"

Left Hand Freddy

aangeboden door

'De Texelse' 



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